Thursday, 23 September 2010

Are you going to MODELS in Oslo?

Jon Whittle and John Hutchinson, from Lancaster University's EA-MDE project, will be attending the MODELS 2010 conference in Oslo next month. For "project organisation" reasons (we're a pilot project and officially we were due to complete before the conference starts), we have not been able to organise an official event such as a tutorial or workshop. However, we will be trying to arrange a "birds of a fearther" session. If you're interested, please look out for whatever signs we can think of to publicise the event! Alternatively, if you are interested in making contact, please do. John H. hopes to be there for most of the week (not least because I want to see the Viking ship - hey, I'm a Brit, work it out) and Jon W. should be around for most of the conference proper. Look forward to seeing you there.

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