Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Do modeling tools actually suppport "modeling"?

This is a question we've been asking ourselves recently. We hear a lot about how modeling tools are not yet as mature as the tools used in conventional software engineering - and usually the sort of issues that are raised are concerned with usability and tool-chain interoperablity.
But if the crux of a modeling-based development process is "modeling", do the available tools support this activity - or do they, for example, appear to be editors for a given notation?
Thoughts welcome...

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  1. That's precisely the problem with the Intentional Programming, DSL and Language Oriented Programming paradigms. They all have underlying models, but you still have to put the model in your head as these environments are just notation editors as you said.

    My own developed MDSD paradigm, ABSE (Atom-Based Software Engineering), does not rely on a formal notation. Therefore, it requires a modeler/generator environment to build its models.

    Although ABSE can be serialized and then interpreted by a command-line generator, it only makes sense to build ABSE models with the help of a modeler.

    ABSE's current modeler is AtomWeaver. Still a bare-bones IDE, it will be critical to ABSE's own success.

    More info about ABSE at
    More info about AtomWeaver at