Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Keynote at CBSOFT 2010

Jon Whittle presented a keynote at Brazilian Conference on Software: Theory and Practice (CBSoft), in Salvador-Bahia, Brasil (27th September-1 October 2010). The title of the talk was "How to Succeed (or Fail) with Model-Driven Engineering:A Qualitative Study of What Works (and What Does Not)"
This talk will present results from a large-scale qualitative study with industry of what factors lead to successful adoption of model-driven engineering (MDE). Over a 9 month period, we conducted the study using a three pronged approach: (1) an in-depth questionnaire with MDE practitioners, which garnered over 250 responses; (2) interviews with industry professionals from 12 different companies; (3) observational on-site studies with companies in multiple different countries. The interviews alone resulted in over 92,000 words of transcribed data. The talk will present the main lessons learned from these studies and, in particular, will discuss factors that affect whether an MDE adoption effort succeeds or fails.

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